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Captivate Investments is a residential and commercial property investment company. Using proprietary algorithms to forecast price movements, its aim is to identify areas (streets and suburbs) within main centres of New Zealand that are likely to outperform the market average both in yield and capital gain over the long term.​ 

While many investors do it on their own, the benefit that Captivate Investments brings is strong analysis and understanding the streets and suburbs in all the main centres in New Zealand that are primed for growth. During the past 20+ years we have evolved from being


investors ourselves to building new homes and becoming a registered master builder to becoming research-based investors helping more than 100 people purchase tens of millions of dollars of investment properties, as well as being one of New Zealand’s largest property traders.


Captivate Investments is currently actively investing in several main centres around the country.  John Stroobant provides limited mentorships with individual investors that are looking to grow their investment portfolio in a considered and structured manner.

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