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Recent Client Stories

James and Rosie

Still under 25 this young couple now owns two investments properties. With only $30,000 deposit they put their dream of owning their own home in Auckland on hold while they waited for the Auckland market to cool – instead they invested the deposit into growth markets. Just over two years later they now have more than $165,000 in equity and a rental yield of 6.7%. They are now looking at buying in the Auckland market leveraging the equity and rental income from their investment homes.

Scott and Jillian

Scott and Jillian have young kids and both have busy executive roles. Although they only had a small amount of equity in their family home and were focusing on paying off their own mortgage they wanted to get the equity they did have available working for them. After working with our preferred mortgage broker we were able to secure a small loan to purchase a 3brm home in a Hamilton growth suburb. After 12 months of strong equity growth in their own home and their rental investment they were able to diversify their investments in a high decile fully renovated Wellington investment in late 2016. They now have new equity of over $100,000 and a yield of 7% all while still focusing on paying off their own home loan.

Philippa and Mark

Philippa and Mark both work as teachers and purchased their first investment from Captivate over 6 years ago. Although knowing little about property investment they were initially reluctant to ‘take the risk’ of buying their first investment home. However after understanding all the risks with buying and the processes Captivate put in place to minimise risk they made their first purchase. Having gain confidence as each year goes by and the confidence of well performing investments Philippa and Mark now own four investment properties in growth markets with over $700,000 worth of equity and a yield of over 8%.


Working as a General Manager of one of New Zealand’s largest companies John had worked hard raising his family and paying off their mortgage. He understood the risks and benefits of investing in residential property but didn’t see the benefit of investing in the Auckland market as the yields were poor and his own home already gave him exposure to any growth in the Auckland property market. Although John knew all the risks and benefits of property investment he didn’t have the time or local knowledge to invest outside Auckland. Through Captivate John has recently purchased two investment properties with equity gains during the last 18 months of more than 20% and yields of more than 6%.

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