Case Study 3

A real estate company with a nationwide network were spending a considerable amount of money on marketing to drive leads into the business to help with getting clients to list with them. They felt they were losing leads to its competitors. They had no competitive benchmark in the New Zealand market. The company wished to understand the number of leads lost to competitors as well as how their competitors performed in designated sales and service criteria. The question then became how could we get feedback of high quality, while making sure this is accomplished as cost effective as possible for the client?

We at Captivate Research worked with the management team to implement a system so that each week we interviewed a sample of home owners in the market and contacted them about a week and a half after their interaction with our client. They were screened to ensure they were in the market for selling their home. The survey included some carefully constructed questions that provide deeper insight into the recent sales and service experience.

The continuous interviewing allows us to keep a watch over competitor service. Our reports provide the client with both internal and competitor insights and performance feedback, this informs them on the extent to which they have a competitive advantage or weakness in key sales and service areas. This helps to develop strategies to overcome those competitor strengths and exploit weaknesses. The insights are provided to both management and individual branches to inform training standards and processes to increase conversion ratio.