Case Study 2

A large fashion footwear retailer with a reputation for quality products and engaging service decided it was time for a re-brand. They were still going to sell the same products, the primary change was to be the name. They had established themselves in the market and built up a very loyal following. The question then became, how do we understand the
perceptions of both the current name and the new name, and make a name change without disrupting the loyalty and following of the current name?

We mixed up the methodology a bit for this one. It involved a combination of in store intercept interviews, CATI interviews, and an online survey. We also looked at all 5 of the components of the brand platform which include: brand vision, brand promise and essence, value proposition, brand story, and visual identity and how both customers and employees
interacted with them. We also looked to see if there were any negative perceptions with potential new names to make sure there weren’t any barriers that would hinder growth once they outgrew their current target market and wanted to expand.

We were able to gather insights for them that helped to inform their communication strategy. As well as help inform which name to use and what look was most appealing to customers. The communication seemed valuable as it helped comfort customers and answer questions about the name change. It also helped to give their creative team further direction as to the look of the new brand.